Professional Ceramic Automatic Hair Curler

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Whether you want beachy waves or sculpted curls, this professional quality curler will create beautiful consistent curls every time. The adjustable heat setting as well as an adjustable timer give you control over the type of curl you create and insures that every curl is uniform. This curler automatically draws the hair into its ceramic-lined chamber, where it holds the hair in place until it is curled to perfection. Additionally, it is very difficult to burn yourself with this curler, making it the perfect choice for kids and adults of all ages.

Product Features:

  • Ceramic 1" automatic rotating curling iron core
  • Adjustable temperature from 270-410 degrees F
  • Adjustable timer from 3 seconds to 19 seconds
  • Directional buttons for curling hair towards, or away, from face

Why Ceramic?

Ceramic emits negatively charged ions. These ions help prevent the hair from being stripped of moisture and oils, and therefore helps reduce damage to the hair, and prevents the hair from becoming frizzy.